Book launch of "I Shudder to Think"

Ladyfinger invite you to celebrate the life and work of artist Margaret Cameron, one of Australia’s most important and influential theatre artists, with the Melbourne and Brisbane book launches of I Shudder to Think: performance as philosophy in late April.

Eighteen months after Margaret Cameron’s death to cancer, the book she strove to finish will be launched by Ladyfinger Press. It includes a critical essay by Cameron on her creative process and four of her major, award winning solo works.  Arts Critic Alison Croggen says in her Foreword to the book, “I am in no doubt that it is a significant addition to Australian performance art and thought, and moreover that it constitutes an artwork in itself”.

The Melbourne launch will take place on April 23rd, 3pm at La Mama Theatre - the place that Cameron called ‘home’ - and will feature guest speakers including Liz Jones, the Artistic Director and CEO of La Mama who worked with Cameron throughout her 35-year career.

The second launch will be held in Brisbane on April 29th, 5.30pm at Metro Arts in the gallery and include a performance by musician Linsey Pollak who collaborated with Cameron.

 “Margaret was a long term collaborator and we knew her work well” says Dawn Albinger of Ladyfinger. “When she first approached us to publish her work, we were honoured and compelled to do so.”  The project editor, David Young, was also a longtime artistic collaborator and friend of Margaret's, and worked with her closely on this publication right up until her death.

The launches are supported by La Mama Theatre, Chamber Made Opera, Metro Arts and Sirromet Wines, as well as The City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria and The Australia Council for the Arts.

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