Photo by Lisa Businovski.

Photo by Lisa Businovski.

Transforming Life Experience 2019:

a performance-making retreat

May 2 - 5, 2019

“Liberating, funny and fun, extraordinary, deeply moving, important and peaceful.” - Retreat participant

You are invited to join Dawn Albinger and Julie Robson at High Spirits Retreat in Kin Kin for a long weekend of creative exploration and play that helps you generate, compose and refine performance material. As we lead you through a range of exquisite devising processes used to make our one-woman shows and ensemble productions, you will create performance based on the (re)writing of your own life stories. Discover your potential for personal, cultural and artistic transformation, ignite your passion for contemporary performance, and develop your capacity to make and perform.

The long weekend of creating is also driven by an emphasis on quietude, presence and poetics:

Quietude: What happens when we slow down and begin to observe and listen to our external and internal landscapes? What can we create from this space of quietude and renewed sense of time?

Presence: What do we mean when we say someone has presence? What do we have to do to be present, in performance, life and landscape?

Poetics: What performance material can I create from my passions, histories and preoccupations? How can I perform with ease and authenticity? What will hone my performance style and aesthetic?

Ladyfinger has been engaging in immersive performance-making retreats since 2011 and this is the second time we have creatively occupied High Spirits Retreat. High Spirits is situated in the beautiful green rolling hills of Noosa hinterland in southeast Queensland, Australia. It has been designed for both comfort and training and boasts a purpose-built hall, a large salt water swimming pool and sauna. It is the perfect space to rest, reflect and create. For those already familiar with High Spirits Retreat please note this is not a detox retreat. We will however be providing delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals.

What you can expect: You can expect to create a short self-contained solo performance. This might be a discrete piece in itself or material towards a longer work. To achieve this, we spend the first day generating, the second day composing, and the last evening and morning scoring and refining. Each day simple exercises are used to bring your awareness to your inner and outer landscapes. Daily group workshops warm up bodies and voices, and help to set the day’s focus. These lead into creative processes that enable you to generate text, actions and compositions for performance. Expect to be challenged, delighted and surprised by yourself and others.

What past participants have said:

The quality of the presence of both Julie & Dawn was exceptional.”

“The flexibility with which the content was delivered was astounding.”

“A renewed sense of purpose. A rekindled love of performance. A deep admiration and respect for the creatives.”

“A life changing experience.”

Retreat numbers are strictly limited to 12 participants:

Full registration: $685.

Register HERE or Contact us at if you would like to discuss a payment plan.

Registration costs are all-inclusive of workshop, accommodation, bed linen, meals, sauna and pool.

Arrival is between 11am and 12pm Thursday, May 2, 2019. Lunch will be served at 12pm (midday). Departure is on Sunday May 5 at 2pm and we will share lunch before leaving.