Forthcoming, 2019

Daughter is a performance project based on intimate and reflective personal biographies of mother and daughter relationships. Born of the desire to stage intimacy and the complexity of the mother/daughter dyad, the project continues an investigation by Jill Greenhalgh (Wales) into presenting the authentic voices and embodied knowledges intrinsic to women’s experience.

Since 2011, Daughter has been created and presented in eight countries around the world but not yet in Australia. It’s creator, Jill Greenhalgh, has refined a creative process and presentation structure that works with local performers and allows each manifestation of Daughter its distinct cultural and political inflections. In the workshop phase, women explore personal stories and experiences that emerge from their reflections on being a daughter, or having daughters. At the end of this period, audiences are invited to share one on one intimate yet public encounters with the performers in an ambient theatre promenade environment.

Local Brisbane companies Ladyfinger and Igneous are currently working to bring DAUGHTER to Brisbane in the latter half of 2019.

Audience comments:

“It made me think how can we honour the women who have gone to such lengths to allow us to become the women we are today?”

“The room is filled with energy, sometimes complex and heavy, but it pushes forward like a wave.”

“I was feeling time backwards— how it felt to be a daughter.”